Online Bake Sale for Japan! Let’s Raise some Dough!

Welcome to the Online Bake Sale for Japan. Bakers, bloggers, and food professionals from all over the world have come up with some amazing creations to donate to this auction. All proceeds will benefit Second Harvest Japan, that nation’s first food bank.

Over the last two and a half weeks, I have read the news of the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear crisis with great sadness. It was a small news snippet I heard on NPR regarding how tiny the food rations were that lead me to seek out food banks in Japan. I am so glad to have found Second Harvest. For ever $100 donated, they donate $1,000 worth of food. That is one efficient non-profit!

Before we get to the auction items, I just want to take a moment to say that this has been a phenomenal experience. I am so in love with the food blogging community. I owe a special thanks to Andrew Sigal fwho is matching the first $500 we earn on this bake sale also, People have embraced this project with generosity and great support from day one. Now, by day 16 or so, it’s snowballed like crazy, and I’m thinking an intern would have been great. But all joking aside, considering my food blog just turned five months old, this has been the greatest introduction into a community I could hope for. It’s nice to meet you all.

Now, here are few details:

All bids begin at $20.00

If you must have something (and I know there are a few HOT ticket items, you can choose the buy it now option for $250.

The auction will last a full 24 hours ending at 12 noon Eastern on March 31st
Check to make sure shipping is available to where you live.

Oh, and Ganbatte ne. That means “good luck” in Japanese!

Due to some technical difficulties, I have changed the auction start and end time. We will also not be bidding using the fancy auction software I bought and spent many hours putting all of the bakers entries into. It crashed my database and my site. So… we will be bidding by email.  All bids begin at $20.00

If you want something, email me the name of the item, and the blogger’s name and your high bid amount. Unlike my fancy software, I will not be able to let you know if you’ve been outbid. So bid high!
Everything will be posted shortly, but until then, get started by visiting the sneak peak page.


  1. says

    This is an awesome idea and I see a few things I'd like to bid on…can't seem to get the bidding screen to pull up. Getting an error that says "Error establishing a database connection"…I guess I'll try later.

  2. Geni says

    I am sure you are aware Sabrina, but the items aren't being shown at the moment. Take care, and know it will all work out in the long run and all of us appreciate everything you are doing and will be patient and bid away! :)

  3. DonnaCurrie says

    Will you be updating the bids? I was thinking that I'd bid on things that weren't getting enough love rather than throwing low bids on things that already had high bids?

  4. laura says

    I am also curious when all the options will be posted. It looks like only the "sneak peaks" are available at this time.

  5. Taloola says

    I sent an email to red 'email me' link in the above update… Along with the item I was bidding on and my top price. I also included my name and cell number.
    Hope I did it right!

  6. says

    I sent you an email, but could you possibly let those of us bidding from abroad know whether an item is available for shipping abroad? It's not noted in any of the preview descriptions! I'd like to bid on multiple items but can't as there's no shipping information. Many thanks for all the time you've put into this!

    • sabrinamodel says

      I am working on it. I had a nightmare of a situation this morning and have been playing catch up all day.

      • says

        Hey Sabrina-
        Just wanted to come back and thank you for noting the international shipping and replying, in the midst of what I can only imagine is a nightmare situation! I've been there….but because you made it clear I put in multiple bids-yay!-and I hope that the gratitude we all feel for the effort and time you put in is well felt by you! Merci. Thank-you. Tusen Takk. I have Japanese friends, have visited many times and appreciate very much what you have done!

  7. says

    I just sent an email in with bids on 8 items that I like from the Sneak Peek post. I couldn't get the "email me" link above to work (it is probably me, I am very technically challenged) so I sent it to the bakesale @ thetomatotart email. If you need me to send it somewhere else let me know! I hope I am outbid by generous folks with much deeper pockets than me…if not I'm glad to donate and get an amazing treat(s) in the process!

  8. says

    I'm hoping to make a bid but can't see how we would make a payment. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but could you put a note in the comments? I'll check later tonight.

  9. Geni says

    Hi All, since Sabrina must be swamped and perhaps with a hefty migraine by now, I thought I might suggest going to the link to the baker' sown site. Perhaps they have mentioned if they are willing to ship abroad on their personal post.

  10. Heather says

    This is very confusing…I think you need to post letting people know that they can look at the items on the sneak peek and then bid via e-mail. I didn't get that because it says "everything will be posted shortly". Thanks!

  11. kitchencorners says

    Sabrina you are doing awesome. Thanks for doing this. I'm sorry if people are getting stressed out. If they are then obviously they're totally missing the whole point of this thing it's like "let me help out the people in Japan but be rude to the person who's organizing this be/c it's not as perfect as I want it to be."

    • sabrinamodel says

      Thanks, Da. I really appreciate your love and support. You are a gem, a peach, and all of the good things I can think of on my sleep deprived brain rolled into one.

  12. says

    I put up a post encouraging this yesterday and today so I hope you get lots of bids. It really is horrible that you paid money for software that isn't working. I'd try to get my money back if I were you.


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