BBQ Shrimp with Thai Cucumber Noodles

BBQ Shrimp Thai Cucumber Salad
This lightened up version of a Thai noodle salad with BBQ Shrimp is spectacular. Healthy low-carb cucumber noodles taste even better than the original; they’re tossed with a gingery peanut vinaigrette, julienned carrots, and lemongrass grilled shrimp.
BBQ Roast Beef Recipe with Cherry Relish

BBQ Roast Beef with Fresh Cherry Relish

This killer roast beef recipe is slow cooked on the bbq. The rub is a little spicy, a lot smoky, and a tad sweet from the coconut sugar. It's gluten free, paleo, and best of all, you don't have to turn on the oven. That means you can enjoy tender, juicy, roast beef even in the hottest part of summer. The accompanying fresh cherry relish is not to be skipped. You may even want to make a double batch.